Recent Before & After Photos

Dusty Ducts

This duct cleaning example is a example of how important it is to get your ducting cleaned regularly. Our customer only had her ducting cleaned once quite a few... READ MORE

Fellow Businesses Need Our Help Too

Sewage losses are never a pleasant surprise, and when it occurs at a work environment, it can put a bit of a damper on the productivity of the employees and the... READ MORE

Broken Sprinkler Head Caused Water Damage

YMCA facility is a site for many youth to spend time for recreational activities and purposes. One day a bad timing and a high throw of a basketball caused a s... READ MORE

The Definition of Details

When we get a commercial call, we take pride in the acknowledgement that other companies trust us enough to handle their facility with the care and professional... READ MORE

Food Case Cleaning

With a coffee chain coming to a local retail store location. We were called out to have our great cleaning team come and make sure the storefront was in tip top... READ MORE

Construction Cleanup for Commercial Retailer

Construction cleanup is one service that is increasingly being called upon for our franchise for commercial spaces and companies coming into our growing communi... READ MORE

Don't Let a Storm Damaged Roof Ruin Your Home

We know that it rains more often here than other parts of the country. In one of the recent storms, our customers had a tree branch come in through their roof, ... READ MORE

Ground Water Can Cause Flooding

Ground Water Can Cause Flooding the rainfall was just too much. The ground water followed gravity, along with the paths with less resistance, and caused the ga... READ MORE


You can see in these photos that there was quite a bit of demo that needed to be completed because of the damage. Our teams worked tirelessly for an entire week... READ MORE

Storm Damage Storm Damage

Water wicked up about a foot into this drywall on the first floor of a post-storm flood home in Portland. The non-salvageable material was cut out along with th... READ MORE