Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Don't Let a Storm Damaged Roof Ruin Your Home

We know that it rains more often here than other parts of the country. In one of the recent storms, our customers had a tree branch come in through their roof, ... READ MORE

Ground Water Can Cause Flooding

Ground Water Can Cause Flooding the rainfall was just too much. The ground water followed gravity, along with the paths with less resistance, and caused the ga... READ MORE


You can see in these photos that there was quite a bit of demo that needed to be completed because of the damage. Our teams worked tirelessly for an entire week... READ MORE

Storm Damage Storm Damage

Water wicked up about a foot into this drywall on the first floor of a post-storm flood home in Portland. The non-salvageable material was cut out along with th... READ MORE

SERVPRO Helps With Ice Dams

Snow is pretty and fun to play in, but in large amounts it can cause severe damage. When Boston received an overwhelming amount of snow in a short amount of tim... READ MORE

SERVPRO Helps Small Businesses

During storm events there are countless calls that come into our SERVPRO office from individuals and business owners that have been affected. Because our SERVPR... READ MORE

Storm Surge Soaks Bathroom With Sewage

In cases of major or aggressive storms, storm surges can follow along with other storm related damages. Why are storm surges such a pain for your property? Stor... READ MORE

Flooding Let Mud In

Severe flooding is devastating enough as is, but add additional run off and debris into the mix? It makes for a dangerous recipe. This business lavatory suffere... READ MORE

Mother Nature!

Rain is a necessity but sometimes heavy rain over a long period of time can cause havoc on your home. We are water removal and cleanup specialists and are ready... READ MORE

Crazy Hail Damage!

This customer was involved in the Wylie hail storm in April of 2016. A massive hail storm caused major losses across the area, with large hail penetrating roofs... READ MORE

Neighborhood Underwater

Often when something goes wrong to your property it is your home. It is the place in which you sleep and cook your dinner. It is your sanctuary. It is your home... READ MORE

Hurricane brings flooding

Hurricanes can be devastating; even more so when dealing with the aftermath. This past August when Hurricane Harvey struck, it produced torrential amounts of f... READ MORE

Upholstery Cleaning after a Storm

Storm usually cause high winds tree branches often fall on homes causes roof damages. The damages lead to leaks which then turns your headache into more damage ... READ MORE